This little museum is situated on the old RAF Ta' Qali airfield on Malta. Expect a warm and typically friendly mediterranean atmosphere. Opening hours are not strictly respected. It's more laid back over here. Three hangars, two modern and one original one, house the collection. The latter is small and consists of Maltese, English and Italian airframes. There are approximatly 15 airframes in the collection. Needless to say that the Maltese portion is not big.

The English presence is a reminder of the past. Italy is very close by and is another influence on the island. Some airframes are in a superb state, while others are a work in progress. As a museum freak i really loved to see the storage area's where future projects are stored. Patiently waiting for some TLC in the future.

But for now are gathering dust tucked away in a corner of the museum. Some may look at these as junk. But i see some serious potential. Please allow yourself some hours in the museum to see everything. Enjoy a refreshment in a typical WII personnel housing shelter, including posters and billboards from that era. Enough to see and take in at this museum. Really worth a visit if ever on holiday on Malta. Even better, combine it with the Malta Airshow as i did.


Text and Photography: Ludo Kloek