2021 Through the lens of Edwin Huskens


KC-135R 62-3571 from the 168th ARW/Alaska ANG departed home after a tanker deployment at Geilenkirchen on April 26

The 2021 Nato Summit brought some nice aircraft to Brussels Airport from several NATO leaders. In the early morning from June 14 a Boeing E4B Nightwatch 75-0125, with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on board, landed at rwy 25R.

Although the world wide pandemic and Covid-19 measures reduced the 2021 X-TM, the event brought some nice first time military visitors to Kleine Brogel. Beside Austrian EF-2000 and C-130K, Swiss Falcon 900EX and PC24, both brand new Czech C295MW and  Hungarian A319 the highlight was for sure a E-2C  Hawkeye from the Aéronavale.

Czech Mi-35 3369, departed on sunday morning towards Sanicole airstrip, with special livery wich is refering to the 311 Czechoslovak Bomber squadron of the RAF during the WWII when it flew Vickers Wellington and B-24 Liberator.

Already 10 years ago Flottille 11 switched from Super Etendard M to Rafale M. Departing home after X-TM on a nice sunny morning to Landiviseau in Brittany Rafale M 44.

Special colored F-16AM E-191, celebrates the 800th anniversary of Denmark flag back in 2019, during the Meeting portes ouvertes at Base Aérienne Luxeuil Saint-Sauveur on September 17.

Romanian MiG21 Lancer-C departed at Luxeuil Saint-Sauveur for its rehearsal.

A rare Aéronavale Atlantic 2 arriving at Luxeuil Saint-Sauveur as static participant.

After more than 5 years another E-8C 01-2005/GA visited Geilenkirchen in November, this time forced by heavy fog at Ramstein after a mission to the north-east of Europe.

Several Antonov 124 visited Kleine Brogel during 2021. After brought two A109 Helicopters back from Gabon participated in exercise Tropical Storm it departed on sunday December 19. 

Text & Photography: Edwin Huskens