2021 Through the lens of Alain Meykens


The year 2021 was a poor year for me due to the well-known circumstances with only 2 events the first was Sanicole and the XTM mini tiger meet that took place on the same days and the second was Chièvres Air Fest 2021.

Italian Air force T-346A MM55217/61-13 of the 212 GRUPPO° / 61° STORMO flying from Lecce-Galatina airbase here on final for rwy 23 to participate in the Sanicole airshow.

French Air Force Rafale C 132/30-GK of the EC03.030 Escadron flying from Mont-de-Marsan Air Base in the south of France. On final for RWY 23 in her special color scheme to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the EC03.030 Escadron Lorraine.

French Navy E-2C-II 1/165455 of the 4F Escadron flying from Lorient-Lann-Bihoué Air Base. Also here a special color scheme to celebrate 100 years of 4F Escadron in the French Navy.

Hellenic Air Force F-16D 029 of the 335 MIRA / 116 PM flying from Araxos Air Base, leaves Kleine Brogel in style after the XTM MEET. Here are the fuel tanks painted to celebrate that the SQN has been founded since 1941.

German Air Force Tornado IDS(T) 45+13 of the Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 51 (TLG51) flying from Schleswig-Jagel Air Base leaves here the XTM meet back home, showing off their specially colored fuel tanks.

Czech Air Force W-3A Sokol 0714 of the 243.VRL leaving Kleine Brogel after the Sanicole air show for a long flight back to Plzeň-Líně.

No more words needed for the CH-01.

Belgian Air Force F-16AM FA-136 "X-tiger" and the A-109BA in its well-known demo color scheme and the F-16C of the 480th FS from Spangdhalem could be seen in the evening before closing a fantastically organized day of the Chièvres Air Fest.


Text & Photography: Alain Meykens