Meeting De L’Air Nancy 2018


On Friday 29/06/2018 we were invited to attend the spotters day before the airshow on Saturday 30/06/18 and Sunday 01/07/18 at Base Aérienne 133 Nancy-Ochey.

Excellent weather was predicted for the whole weekend! At 06.00 in the morning we arrived at the airbase for registration and security checks before the start of the spotters day. Spotter days at airshows of the French Air Force are organized by FOSA (Fondation des Oeuvres Sociales de l’Air) and last a full day:

1) arrivals in the morning, 2) training flights in the afternoon and 3) static visit in the evening until 21 hour!


The big star for us at Nancy was the Mirage 2000N with one of its last public appearances before its retirement later in the year 2018:

Other highlights for us were the local based squadrons at Nancy airbase flying the Mirage 2000D with several special paints:


EC 01.003 “Navarre”

EC 02.003 “Champagne”

EC 03.003 “Ardennes”

ETD 04.003 “Argonne”

ESTA 15.003 “Malzéville”, L’Escadron de Soutien Technique Aéronautique:

The other airshow acts were mostly from the French Air Force. Not a lot of foreign countries were invited, so as a logical consequence their participation was very limited, an issue to resolve for the next years!


Rafale Solo Display:

Alpha Jet Solo Display:

A400M Tactical Display:

Patrouille De France:

Other French Air Force and Navy units present:

Foreign and private participants present:

A big thank you to everyone @ FOSA and especially Cdt.® Hervé Portenseigne for organizing the spotters day and airshow together with the local organizing team @ Nancy-Ochey Base Aérienne 133!


Text : Koen Ravoet

Photography : Koen Ravoet