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Latest reports:




Between April 1st and 12th the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force) organized a new edition of the 'Frisian Flag' exercise. Air assets from six NATO and Partnership for Peace nations gathered at Leeuwarden airbase to participate in this exercise in order to train close collaboration in possible future conflicts. Throughout the year pilots train and develop their skills on a local level, but an exercise like Frisian Flag...read more





During the third week of July the biennial aviasalon MAKS was held once again at Zhukovsky airport. 2 members attended the event for 3 days. One day they went inside to capture the static exhibition and during the other 2 days they stayed outside the airfield to capture the flying display as this is the best position for photographing the aircraft that perform flying displays, because on base you suffer from backlight the whole day...read more

100th Anniversary Finnish Air Force - Jyväskylä-Tikkakoski, Finland 


On June 16th and 17th the Ilmavoimat held its 100th Anniversary Air Show at the base of Jyväskylä-Tikkakoski in Central Finland, about 300 kilometers North of Helsinki. In fact this airport has a double function, Jyväskylä Airport has a terminal from which a small number of daily domestic flights arrive and depart towards Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The military Tikkakoski airbase is the home of the Finnish Air Force Training Wing...read more

RIO 2.3 Ecuvillens


The first Rencontres Internationale Oldtimers was organized at Ecuvillens near Fribourg in Switzerland in 1990 by the local Aérotique Foundation. This organisation was formed at Ecuvillens in the 1980’s to restore and fly historic aircraft. They bought a Pilatus P.2-06 (U-136/HB-RAR) from the Swiss Air Force. Later they found a Stampe SV4A in Belgium (OO-EFD), restored it and registered it as HB-UPS. After 20 editions of the event there was a pause for 3 years...read more

Ursel Avia 2018 


 In our series of Belgian aviation events we this time have a look at "Ursel Avia" held at the Belgian Air Force reserve field of Ursel situated between Ghent and Bruges, near the town of Aalter in the first weekend of July. It is difficult to categorize this event as it is not really a fly-in, but not a full scale airshow either, it's a bit of a mix enabling the visitors to have a taste of aviation in many different ways.


Last years' edition of 'Ursel Avia' was blessed with the ideal...read more

Suomen Ilmailumuseo, Finnish Aviation Museum Helsinki-Vantaa



The Suomen Ilmailumuseo, or Finnish Aviation Museum, is located at Vantaa next to Helsinki' main international airport. It was opened in 1972 in the basement of the main terminal at Helsinki airport, but it moved to its own location in 1981.


The museum covers all aspects of the rich Finnish aviation history, civil aviation, military aviation, homebuilds, gliders, etc. read more



On Friday 29/06/2018 we were invited to attend the spotters day before the airshow on Saturday 30/06/18 and Sunday 01/07/18 at Base Aérienne 133 Nancy-Ochey.


Excellent weather was predicted for the whole weekend! At 06.00 in the morning we arrived at the airbase for registration and security checks before the start of the spotters day. Spotter days at airshows of the French Air Force are organized by..Read More



In 2018 the Belgian Air Force 15th Transport Wing and its squadrons celebrated their 70th Anniversary. To commemorate this occasion two of its aircraft received a special color scheme designed by the duo Peter Verheyen and Johan Wolfs, who have been responsible for the vast majority of special schemes in the Belgian Air Force over the last decades.


 To mark this occasion a special photo shoot was organized...read more





The Paijat-Hameen Ilmailumuseo is under the same management as the Aviation Museum at Helsinki-Vantaa and can be considered their storage/restoration facility. It is located on a private airfield in the town of Lahti which is about 100 km north of Helsinki.


Like the museum in Halli also Lahti houses a nice collection...read more






This museum is situated near the town of Halli, when you have almost reached the Hallinportti Ilmailumuseo certainly do not forget to make a small detour to view and photograph the magnificent Saab 35XS Draken that is preserved near the center of this small town...Read More




On the 8th and 9th of September the Belgian Air Force organized once again the Belgian Air Force Days, hosted at Kleine-Brogel Airbase situated in Peer, Limburg. The last edition of the BAFD organized in Kleine-Brogel was in 2014 with very high quality participants both in the static as the flying display. (report 2014) So also for this edition our expectations were very high.


With the return of the BAFD to Kleine-Brogel, the organizers...read more