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Latest reports:

Season Premier Airshow, Shuttleworth Collection 2017 NEW REPORT 





The Shuttleworth Collection was created by Richard Shuttleworth in the beginning of the 20th century. It not only consists of aircraft (1909 – 1950’s period), but also cars, motorcycles and Agricultural exhibits form part of the collection that is housed at Old Warden Aerodrome next to the The House with its Swiss Garden, which dates back to 1875...Read more

TEFAF 2018 Maastricht Airport NEW REPORT






Also this year I was present for TEFAF 2018 at Maastricht Airport in the Netherlands. TEFAF is world renowned antiques fair in Maastricht and this brings quite a number of interesting visitors to this airport...read more


Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum NEW REPORT 



"The Smithsonian" is one of the best known aviation museums in the world. It's part of the Smithsonian Institution, which is considered one of the largest museum, education and research complexes in the world. They not only cover aviation, but also a wide range of other topics like history, science and nature.


The National Air and Space Museum is the oldest of two...read more

Revisited, Ban Hyéres-Le Palyvestre 2014 NEW REPORT


For all the people like me who visited in 2010 the 100 Years Aéronautique Navale event at BAN Hyéres-La Palyvestre can confirm that this was one of the best airshows of the last years held in Europe.


Four years later, on Sunday June 15, BAN Hyéres organized again an 'journée portes ouvertes' and this airshow with only French aircrafts and helicopters expected to display turned out to be a small but interesting event. Because thunderstorms and bad weather were read more

Spottingtrip Taiwan NEW REPORT


When I was offered a seat on a trial trip with 4Aviation destination Taiwan I did not hesitate and signed in immediately. I heard a lot of positive things about this country regarding spotting. The diversity of aircraft types is noteworthy giving it is not such a big country. A combo of imported (French, American) and own designs. Exploring this with a small group of friends sounded sweet.


read more

Royal International Air Tattoo 2017 


During the weekend of the second week of July the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) was once again held at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England.

Like each year the airshow is built up around a special theme. In 2017 this theme was the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force (USAF) and they definitely succeeded. The participating USAF aircraft that were present at RIAT was the biggest show up since the sequestration hit the military back in 2013.read more

The International Hot-air Balloon Festival Château-d’Oex 2018 


The International Hot-air Balloon Festival at Château-d’Oex has, over the course of the last 40 years, become a top event for the whole region and even well beyond. In 1979 the Tourist Office, partnered by Hans Büker , arranged the first International Hot-air Balloon Week, with 12 balloons from 5 countries taking part. The innovative event introduced people in Switzerland and abroad to Château-d’Oex ...read more  

Museo del Aire, Cuatro Vientos 2017 


As a part of our Low Approach spotting trip to Madrid during the month of May 2017 we also visited the Museo del Aire at Cuatro Vientos. This museum is the official collection of historic aircraft once used in the Spanish Air Force.

Military aviation in Spain started in 1909 when Colonel Pedro Vives Vich and Captain Alfredo Kindelan visited several European countries to investigate the potential of various aircraft for a possible military use. As a result a civil National Aviation School, Escuela National de Aviación, was created in 1910. A short time later this civil institution became militarized under the name Aeronáutica Española...read more

Temps des Hélices, La Ferté Alais 2017 


In the first weekend of June the well-known 'Temps des Hélices' show was organized on the airfield of La Ferté Alais just south of Paris in France. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not very good on the Saturday. In the morning it was dry with some very short spells of sunshine, but when the flying activity started also rain made its appearance. In the beginning small showers, but around 1630 hrs the showers transformed in some very heavy rain, forcing the organization to end the flying around 1700 hrs, so several announced participants remained firmly on the ground. As always the show was opened by a duo of local aircraft, but this year there was a small change...read more

35 years NATO E-3A, Geilenkirchen 


After months of rumors, additions and cancellations of possible participating air forces and aircraft the day was finally there. On the 30th of June the NATO Air Base at Geilenkirchen organized a spottersday the day before the Open Door weekend to celebrate their 35th anniversary since the start of the E-3A Sentry operations.

To participate at the spottersday you had to register yourself through a known spotters group. Upon arrival there was a little queue so that the guards could check if the identity matched with the received registered spotters. Once inside the spotters were guided towards the...read more