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Latest reports:

Spotting Eindhoven February - March NEW REPORT



We published two new photoreports about visits to Eindhoven.


Testing a new lens is not easy when the weather is bad, but I gave it a try and went on the 20th of March to Eindhoven. When I arrived already a plane arrived. It was the Hawker Beechcraft 390 Premier IA (LZ-PDM) afterwards some arrivals and departures from regular airliners as Ryanair, Transavia and Wizzair followed. The Royal Netherlands Air Force departed with a KDC-10 and arrived with the C-130. As surprise two Beech 200 King Air’s from the Royal Air Force appeared for a fuel stop after coming back from Denmark...Read More

Spotting Kleine-Brogel Airbase February - March NEW REPORT





We added three photoreports on the website about spotting on Kleine-Brogel Airbase, the last report of the three is about the latest special paint in the Belgian Air Force.


The special painted F-16 from 349SQN. This F-16 is the FA-70 named “Razzle Dazzle” and painted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of 349SQN. After some touch and go’s it turned nicely in front of me...Read More

Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Rockcliffe, Ontario NEW REPORT


A few months ago I had the possibility to visit the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Rockcliffe, Ontario. When you enter the building one is welcomed by an inverted Canadair CT114 Tutor in the colors of the Royal Canadian Air Force aerial demonstration team, ‘The Snowbirds’. The remainder of the museum gives a more or less chronologic overview on the evolution of aviation in Canada. 

The origins are illustrated by the McDowell monoplane, a Blériot XI and a Farman MF.11 Shorthorn. The World War I period is very well represented in this museum. Aircraft from all major countries involved in this conflict are present in the collection. From Germany we have a Junkers J.1 and a unique AEG G.IV twin-engine bomber. During this period in history Canadian pilots...Read More

Spottingtrip Japan 2015


Visiting the land of the rising sun. Somehow this always intrigued me. I heard many stories of people who came back with amazing pictures. So after many years of making plans Peter and myself joined 4Aviation for their annual Japan tour in April. Not knowing what to expect, we joined the 4Aviation tour because there was next to nothing to be found in those days concerning travelling and spotting in Japan. So venturing out on our own was a no-go.


Soon we discovered that both were pretty easy if you know how and where to go. We visited the most bases on the main island during a two week trip. Although sometimes the pace was really fast. Spending too little time at one base at a time. During this trip we already made...Read More

Royal International Air Tattoo 2016, Fairford UK


As every year Low Approach also attended The Royal International Air Tattoo in 2016. Laurent decided to travel to the UK only for the airshow day on Saturday, the other six Low Approach members attended the airshow day on Sunday and the departure day on Monday. In this report you will find an overview what could be seen on these days.


This year’s main theme was 'The Next Generation', which witnessed the debut of the most advanced weapons systems platform in the world - the futuristic looking Lockeed Martin F-35A/B Lightning II with examples from the Royal Air Force, United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force. Another theme was the 75th Anniversary of the Air Cadets... Read More

Cologne - Bonn Airport Germany  



On the last day of august two years ago, Dirk decided to travel to Cologne Bonn Airport for the first time. What he has seen during his 5 hour long stay at the airport you find out in this report. First a little information about the airport: Cologne Bonn Airport (Flughafen Köln/Bonn, also known as Flughafen Köln-Wahn) is the international airport of Germany's fourth largest city Koln. The airport is located in the district of Porz and is surrounded by the Wahner Heide nature reserve. The airport is centrally located in the Cologne/Bonn Region 14.8 km southeast of Cologne city centre. Cologne Bonn Airport serves as a hub for Eurowings and Germanwings, FedEx Express and UPS Airlines. It also is a host of the German and European space agencies DLR and EAC... Read More

Airpower 16, Zeltweg Austria


In the first weekend of September 2016 literally hundred thousands of aviation enthusiasts gathered in Steiermark, the green hart of Austria, to attend a new edition of Airpower, the bi-annual airshow organised at Zeltweg airbase. Airpower16 is a joint organization by the Austrian military, the region of Steiermark and Red Bull. Each partner has as an aim to promote themselves in the most positive way, the Austrian military focus on the national security and air defense, Steiermark promotes their region for tourism and commerce and Red Bull want to strengthen their brand awareness.


The show was opened by a fly-by by an Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon, Red Bull...Read More

Aeroscopia, Toulouse, France


In early 2015 the Aeroscopia Museum opened its doors in Toulouse, France. It is located next to Airbus factory near the airport.


The museum has the aim to bring the past, the present and the future of aviation together under one roof. As the Airbus plant is nearby it is no surprise that many of the exhibits in the museum have a strong link to European and French aviation. Virtually all aircraft in the museum were restored by the team of Ailes Anciennes, located across the street of Aeroscopia.


The beginnings of aviation are represented by a Blériot XI replica like the one used...Read More

Meeting aérien de l’EALAT, Le Luc le Cannet 2011


On the 18th and 19th of June the Meeting aérien de l’EALAT (École de l'aviation légère de l'armée de Terre) at airbase du Luc Le Cannet was held. The airport of Le Luc is situated at Le Cannet-des-Maures, 6 km east of Le Luc, in the Var department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southern France. The airport is open to public air traffic, but has no commercial airline service. It also has military use as part of Base école Général Lejay, a French Army (Armée de Terre) training facility for combat helicopters and various ground equipment.


The airport is the home for Armée de Terre Fennecs, Gazelles, Pumas and Tigres attack helicopters. The airport is also being used by the German Army Tiger training school...Read More


Ramstein Spotting September 23rd & 24th, 2016


Me and my cousin went for the first time to Ramstein Air Base on September 23rd and 24th, 2016. The weather was very good and we managed to see quite a lot of military aircraft. Highlight was the very last Lockheed C5B Galaxy.


We located a very quiet spotters location from where we could see the aircraft nicely in the sun. As we stayed for the whole weekend we had booked into a great hotel very close to the base, the drive to the hotel only took us about 10 minutes. Overall it was a very good weekend for me, especially because of the C5s. Already on the Friday morning one of the first aircraft we saw was a ’mighty’ Galaxy that arrived at Ramstein. The noise is something that I will remember....Read More

Lajes Field


Lajes Field is the home of the United States Air Force 65th Air Base Group, which in turn is subordinate to the United States Air Forces in Europe. The group provides base and en route support for the U.S. Department of Defense, NATO, and other authorized aircraft transiting through the installation. Due to the global economic crisis, the US government decided to reduce the military contingent at Lajes to no more than 170 active duty personnel. In addition to the 65th Air Base Wing and the US Air Force Air Mobility Command’s 729th Air Mobility Support Squadron, Lajes Field is also the home for the 65th Communication Squadron, which provides communication in the form of High Frequency Global Communications Systems (HFGCS), ground radio, ground radar, SatCom (Satellite Communications) and cryptography to the...Read More 

Fleet Air Arm Museum, RNAS Yeovilton, United Kingdom


A few months ago Low Approach published an article covering the Naval Air Days 2016 held at RNAS Yeovilton. In the morning of the air show I paid a quick visit to the Fleet Air Museum which is also located at this airbase. The pictures included in this article were taken that day, but I also added a number of pictures from the Cobham storage facility, which were taken by our member Ludo Kloek at an earlier visit in order to give an as complete as possible overview of what can be seen. The museum itself is chronologically organized giving the full history of the aviation element of the Royal Navy, also known as the Fleet Air Arm. In the first area a number of early aircraft are on display. One of the first aircraft that entered service was the Shorts S27. In 1912, a platform was constructed on the foredeck and 12-inch gun turret on the...Read More

Rafale’s from sunrise till sunset. Saint-Dizier 29 November 2016 


During an old fashioned ‘one day’ spottertrip on November 29th I paid a visit to Base Aérienne 113 at Saint-Dizier, which is situated in the Département Haute-Marne of the region Champagne-Ardennes. BA113 is besides “BA118 Mont de Marsan” one of the two bases that house the Rafale, nowadays the backbone of the Armée de l’air.


In the recent two years several changes took place within the French Air Force, and these changes also had their effect on BA113 at Saint-Dizier. Mid 2015 all the based aircraft replaced the ‘113’ codes on the fuselage from Base Aérienne 113 towards the ‘4’ codes from Escadre de Chasse 4. On June 24th 2016, Escadron de Chasse 01.007 ‘Provence’ departed officially from Saint-...Read more

Museumtrip Texas, USA 2016 


During the month of October i started my pilgrimage to the United States for a museum trip. Texas was chosen as the state to visit. It has been a while i made such a trip. So it was high on my ‘to do’ list. As always it started with a extensive planning; choosing the best time to visit weather wise, making a list of all the museums worth a visit (in this case a total of thirteen aviation museums), locating them on the Garmin navigation map on my Mac, followed by figuring out the opening hours of the museums. With al this info at hand a logical route is planned. Checking driving distances and times spent in every museum. When this is done it is time to fill in the gaps with wrecks & relics, spotting opportunities and some general tourism, to break the aircraft monotony. A golden rule, always be prepared for some alternates, just in case...Read more