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Latest reports:

Farewell Little Blue Lark ! NEW REPORT







On July 8th, 2021, the Belgian Air Force said farewell to the Alouette III during a small event at Koksijde airbase.  After this the final two helicopters made their final flight to their new homes...Read More

Spottingtrip Japan: Hyakuri 



The last airbase we visited was Hyakuri. We spent 3 days of spotting at this field. Hyakuri Air Base is located in the Ibaraki prefecture and the airfield is a shared civilian/military airfield. Based on the military part of the field are the last operational fighter squadrons flying the mighty McDonnell Douglas/Mitsubishi (R)F-4E(J) Phantom II and Kawasaki T-4, these belong to the 7th Air Wing. An Air Rescue Wing operating the UH-60J and U-125A is also based here...Read More

Spottingtrip Japan: Gifu 



Next airfield that was on our planning was Gifu. It was planned that we did 2 days of spotting at Gifu. But on our first day there, it was extremely bad weather and flying activity was next to nothing, so we left very early.

The second day the weather couldn’t have been better. Clear blue sky and quite a lot of movements. As runway 28 was in use, we parked our car at the Soranomori Park. This park is situated next to...read more

Spottingtrip Japan: Komatsu 


The fourth airbase we visited was Komatsu. The airfield at Komatsu is a shared airfield between the JASDF and civil aviation.

Focusing on the military part, Komatsu houses 4 squadrons that uses aircraft.


303 and 306 Tactical Fighter Squadron are based there and are flying the F-15 J/DJ and the Kawasaki T-4’s.

Also using the F-15 J/DJ and T-4’s is the Tactical Fighter...read more

The Dream Viper: the display bird with a story.


On the 9th of June the Belgian Air Force F-16 solo display team held a ceremony for the roll-out of the teams’ special painted F-16.

Vrieske, the team’s display pilot, gave a speech to the invited people and press before the new display jet was revealed.


In this speech, Vrieske introduced his team and the members of the team that were present at the roll-out ceremony, nicely took place alongside him. Vrieske also thanked a lot of people...read more

Spottingtrip Japan: MCAS Iwakuni 2019 



The 3th base we visited during the first week of our stay in Japan was the Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, located in the Hiroshima Bay. MCAS Iwakuni is a shared base between the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and the US Navy/Marine Corps.

As the options for photographing the aircraft at Iwakuni is limited to just one spot and you face the sun for most of the day, we spent 3 days at Iwakuni in the hope to make some decent pictures...read more

2021 Through the lens of Andy Patzelt 







Our last member to show his selection of 2021 is Andy Patzelt, Andy made his selection from some visits to Kleine-Brogel Airbase during the Sanicole Airshow weekend...Read More

2021 Through the lens of Ludo Kloek 







Our member Ludo made his selection from visits to Kleine-Brogel and the WIC Excercise that was held at Leeuwarden Airbase in the north of the Netherlands...Read More

2021 Through the lens of Dirk Geuns 






Also for me 2021 was another strange year, at the beginning of the year everyone was looking forward to the summer and was expecting that it should be normal by then. But Covid was still the main reason that lot of exercises and airshows decided to be cancelled...Read More

2021 Through the lens of Alain Meykens 






The year 2021 was a poor year for me due to the well-known circumstances with only 2 events the first was Sanicole and the XTM mini tiger meet that took place on the same days and the second was Chièvres Air Fest 2021...Read More