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Latest reports:

Special Tails Photoshoot Kleine Brogel AFB NEW REPORT








On the 2nd of August the PR 10W TAC from Kleine Brogel AFB organized a small photoshoot of the four special painted F-16’s that are currently based at Kleine Brogel. Unfortunately, the weather was not that good on this day, so we had to improvise to make some nice pictures. Read More

Basevisit FAMET Colmenar Viejo, Spain NEW REPORT





In May 2017 four members of Low Approach Aviation Photography spend a week in Madrid in Spain. On Wednesday we were able to visit the FAMET base of Colmenar Viejo which is located about 30 km North of Madrid. The Fuerzas Aeromoviles del Ejército de Tierra, or FAMET, is the aviation element of the Spanish Army and operates a wide selection of helicopters which are based strategically over the Spanish territory. Base Coronel Maté at Colmenar Viejo is the home of several units which will be covered in the following overview. Read More

Austrian Deployment to Wittmund NEW REPORT


From the 27th of April till the 15th of May the Austrian Air Force deployed 7 of its Eurofighter Typhoons to Wittmund, Germany for weapons and tactics training.


For the Austrians, the use of Wittmund as deployment base wasn’t a random choice. Since 2013 there are also EF-2000’s based at Wittmund, after the F-4F Phantom was put out of service from the German Air Force, so all facilities were already present. Apart from the same type of aircraft, the training ranges above the North Sea are also very close by. And last but not least, aside from TLG (Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader) 71 which is based at Wittmund, also a private contractor (Discovery Air Defence Systems) is based here operating 7 A-4N Skyhawks. Read More

Spotting Koksijde 2017 - April NEW REPORT




On the 18th of April Lien made another trip to Koksijde again in the hope to see some local helicopter action. In the afternoon she was lucky when Sea King RS02 took off for a training flight above the sea. But her main goal for this visit was to capture the helicopters during start-up and shut down during the night flights. So in the evening she returned to the Airbase and witnessed the start-up of NH90 RN-04, this was the last NH90 that was delivered to the Belgian Air Force on the 20th of March 2017. Besides the training flight from the RN-04 she also caught Sea King RS02 during the night flights training. Read More

Spottingtrip Spain May 2017 NEW REPORT



Basevisit Getafe AFB

In May four members from Low Approach stayed 5 days in de surroundings of Madrid for a spotting trip. During this week we arranged two base visits, the first one at Colmenar Viejo and the second in Getafe AB.


To start some history and information about Basé Aerea de Getafe:

BA Getafe is a military airbase located in Getafe, about 15 km south of Madrid, Spain. The main military unit to operate from Getafe is the "Ala 35" Read More

Inauguration new NATO HQ Brussels May 25th, 2017 NEW REPORT





On May 25th, 2017 the NATO members heads of state gathered at Brussels to inaugurate the new NATO Headquarters. Much attention was given to the arrival and visit of US President Donald Trump the day before in the local press. However this ceremony generated a lot more interesting air traffic at Brussels Airport, so we would like to give a short overview of what we saw on May 24th and 25th.Read More

Musée Européen de l’Aviation de Chasse – Montélimar, France. 







The ‘Musée Européen de l’Aviation de Chasse’ (European Fighter Aircraft Museum) is located in Montélimar in the South of France. It is dedicated mainly to fighter aircraft, but also has a small number of other aircraft. Over the last 7 years I visited them on three occasions so I think it’s time to give you all an overview of what can be seen. Read More

RF-4E farewell 348 Tactical Reconnaisance Sqdn, Larisa Air Force Base 


“The end of the film”


The 5th of May marked the final flight of the mighty RF-4E Phantom II in Greece. A small ceremony was held to commemorate this event.


A day before this event a spotters day was held on Larisa Air Force Base

But first a little bit of history:


348 TRS was formed on the 20th of August 1953, being part of the 112th Combat Wing...Read More

Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, Le Bourget, France 


Over the last few months we have reviewed several private museums in France, so now it is time to give a detailed overview of what is on display in the largest aviation museum in France, the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace at Paris-Le Bourget.


One can easily say that this museum is one of the largest of its kind in Europe, with a very extensive collection of aircraft. The last few years brought a lot of changes to the museum, a process that is still continuing until this day. The display areas are gradually undergoing a complete refresh, so please be aware that if you visit the museum between now and 2019 it can happen that one or the other display area is closed for refurbishment. Read More

Spotting Kleine-Brogel April 2017








For the Belgian Air Force F-16 Solo Display Team the month April means a lot of training and on three different days (19th, 20th and 24th) Dirk went to Kleine-Brogel to see “Gizmo” perform his demo. Below you find a selection from these...Read More

Helidays - Beauvechain airbase April 11th & 12th, 2017


In April of this year the 1st Wing at Beauvechain revived the Helidays that were held until a few years at Bierset. During this event the attendees could see what the current capabilities are of a modern helicopter force, off course also hoping to convince the younger generation to join the Belgian armed forces. The main event, open to the public was on April 12th, but the day before a group of pre-registered spotters were invited to witness the arrivals of the aircraft and the rehearsals of the flight demonstrations.


The older amongst us will remember the large scale event at Bierset were helicopters from many foreign nations were present...Read More

Roll-out Tiger-scheme 2017 – Kleine Brogel


On May 18th, 2017 the formal roll-out occurred of this years’ 31 Squadron ‘Tiger ‘ color scheme. The creation of a new color scheme is becoming an annual tradition in preparation of the upcoming NATO Tiger Meet. In 2017 this exercise will be held at Landivisiau in Brittany, France. Landivisiau is the homebase of Flotille 11F, part of the Aéronautique Navale (French Naval Aviation), who has the honor of organizing the 2017 edition.


For the creation of the color scheme the squadron used the inspiration of one of their own members, ‘Vrieske’, who came up with the idea for both the aircraft, with registration FA94, as the ‘Tiger’ car. The application was put in the hands of the ‘10 W Tac Paintshop’ team...READ MORE   

Frisian Flag & EART 2017, Netherlands


From 27th of March till the 7th of April 2017 the next edition of the exercise “Frisian Flag” has been held at Leeuwarden Air Base in The Netherlands. For two weeks fighter aircraft from Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States worked together for executing a variety of air missions. Frisian Flag took place in the skies above The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. They were able to fly above an area that covers 210 by 320 kilometers.

The primary purpose of Frisian Flag 2017 is to provide the participating units experience in combined NATO operations within a modern threat environment. The RAF Tornado GR.4’s were joined by USAF F-15 Eagles, French Mirage 2000D’s, German Typhoons and...Read More


Spotting Maastricht-Aachen Airport TEFAF March 2017



TEFAF is one of the most important and largest art fairs in the Netherlands and even in the world. In 2017 TEFAF celebrated its 30th anniversary since it was created in 1988 as a merger of 2 smaller air fairs in the Netherlands and took place from the 10th until the 19th of March.


It has become a gigantic annual festival that attracts 100.000 visitors, not only from within the Netherlands, but also people from the rest of the world. During this fair the airport at Maastricht becomes very busy because the rich people use this airport as a hub to fly-in with...Read More


95 years ‘La Fayette’. Meeting de l’air, Luxeuil 1-2 juli 2011


During the first weekend from July 2011 the French Air Force organized a meeting de l’air at BA116 Luxeuil – St.Sauveur. I attended the spottersday on Friday and the first airshow day on Saturday and it turned out to be a nice trip to the Northeast of France with extremely hot and Sunny weather.


On Friday, in the early morning, more than hundred spotters were waiting at the checkpoint to collect their badge before entering the base. During a short briefing all participants got a schedule for the upcoming day and we were also been warned that we could expect a ‘big flying surprise’ during the spottersday. After the briefing we walked towards the flightline were...Read More

Musée de l’Aviation, Lyon-Corbas


In the summer of 2016 I made a ‘Tour de France’ with as aim to visit a number of aviation museums in the southern part of the country. One of the lesser known locations on my list was the ‘Musée de l’Aviation’ , also known as ‘Espaces Aero Lyon Corbas (EALC), located next to the airport of Lyon - Corbas.


Normally you can only visit the museum in small groups, who are given a tour by ones of the museum guides. I wasn’t aware of this, but the staff was kind enough to give a ‘private’ tour, which resulted in the following set of photographs.

Read More

3 Days in Delta Country


From the 12th till the 16th of February, Tim went to France, to be more precise, the North-Eastern part of France. During his stay he had some really nice weather and coincidentally, in this part of France, there are also a couple of military airfields with some really interesting planes. Tim spent 3 days of spotting at BA-113 in Saint-Dizier and BA-133 in Nancy-Ochey.


On the 13th of February Tim drove to Saint-Dizier. As already said in a previous report, Saint-Dizier is the home base of different squadrons that fly the Dassault Rafale. When he arrived there the great sound of the Snecma M88 engines that were starting up could already be heard echoing over the base. As the security restrictions are very tight in France...Read More