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Latest reports:

Museo del Aire, Cuatro Vientos 2017 NEW REPORT


As a part of our Low Approach spotting trip to Madrid during the month of May 2017 we also visited the Museo del Aire at Cuatro Vientos. This museum is the official collection of historic aircraft once used in the Spanish Air Force.


Military aviation in Spain started in 1909 when Colonel Pedro Vives Vich and Captain Alfredo Kindelan visited several European countries to investigate the potential of various aircraft for a possible military use. As a result a civil National Aviation School, Escuela National de Aviación, was created in 1910. A short time later this civil institution became militarized under the name Aeronáutica Española...read more

Temps des Hélices, La Ferté Alais 2017 NEW REPORT


In the first weekend of June the well-known 'Temps des Hélices' show was organized on the airfield of La Ferté Alais just south of Paris in France. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not very good on the Saturday. In the morning it was dry with some very short spells of sunshine, but when the flying activity started also rain made its appearance. In the beginning small showers, but around 1630 hrs the showers transformed in some very heavy rain, forcing the organization to end the flying around 1700 hrs, so several announced participants remained firmly on the ground.


As always the show was opened by a duo of local aircraft, but this year there was a small change...read more

35 years NATO E-3A, Geilenkirchen NEW REPORT


After months of rumors, additions and cancellations of possible participating air forces and aircraft the day was finally there. On the 30th of June the NATO Air Base at Geilenkirchen organized a spottersday the day before the Open Door weekend to celebrate their 35th anniversary since the start of the E-3A Sentry operations.


To participate at the spottersday you had to register yourself through a known spotters group. Upon arrival there was a little queue so that the guards could check if the identity matched with the received registered spotters. Once inside the spotters were guided towards the parking spot. Some cars were pulled aside for a search, the other ones could drive straight ahead towards...read more

The Patuxent River Naval Air Museum NEW REPORT




Patuxent River Naval Air Station in the state of Maryland was officially commissioned in April 1943 and under the influence of the Second World War and the Cold War grew rapidly into one of the US Navy major locations due to its close location on the US East Coast. In addition, in the late fifties the station became the center of Naval testing with the creation of the US Navy Test Pilots School in 1958 and the Weapon Systems Test Division in 1960. To this day 'Pax River' is, together with NAWS China Lake on the West Coast, the principal location where new naval aircraft, weapons and electronic systems are developed and tested.Read More


Meeting Aérien Cazaux 12 June 2005 


In 2005 the Armée de l'Air organized four Meetings Aérien which were held at the airbases from Luxeuil, Tours, Istres and Cazaux. The meeting at Cazaux was visited by Edwin on June 11th and 12th and turned out afterwards to be a very nice event.


Base Aérienne 120 "Commandant Marzac", located southwest of Bordeaux, is an extremely large airbase with very poor spotter facilities. With an exercise area on the northside and a lake on the southside from the runway it's very difficult to take decent pictures from outside the airbase. The spotters day and open door was a unique opportunity to see much more from all the interesting aircraft which are based here. Read More


Tactical Weapons Meet Florennes 2017 


Between June 7th and 16th the Tactical Weapons Meet was held at Florennes airbase. This exercise was created as part of the 1st Squadron “Stingers” centenary which is based at Florennes. The squadron was created in 1917 during WWI, from then on also the squadron’s emblem, the thistle was being used. The emblem itself was designed by André De Meulemeester, and later re-designed by Willy Coppens, both WWI aces.


To commemorate this centenary the squadron was given permission to paint one of the 2nd Wing’s F-16’s in their squadron markings. The F-16 used for their anniversary was the FA-132. Apart from the squadron’s emblem that was painted on the Fighting Falcon, also their motto Read More

70 Years Florennes Air Base (Belgium) 2017 







On Friday 22/09/2017 I was invited at Florennes Air Base in Belgium for the celebration of their 70th anniversary. Only for this occasion a local F-16 (FA 135) got a special tail which was already removed after one flight on Monday 25/09/2017. Also present in the little static exposition were a Mirage 5BA, F-84F Thunderstreak and a B-Hunter UAV...Read More

Green Blade / Pegasus 2012 Kleine-Brogel Airbase 


Between September 18th and October 5th, 2012 Belgium was the host nation for a multinational helicopter exercise called “ Green Blade / Pegasus “. Kleine-Brogel Airbase served as a Deployed Operating Base for both exercises Green Blade and Pegasus. Green Blade was the fifth helicopter training exercise in a row organized since 2009 by the Helicopter Exercise Program (HEP) while Pegasus is a Special Forces exercise from different countries.


About fifteen helicopters from three different countries arrived at Kleine Brogel on Monday 17 September to participate. Belgium participated with five Agusta A-109BA helicopters from 1st Wing based at Beauvechain, the German Army (HEER) came to Kleine-Brogel with six UH-1D...Read More

Volkel in de Wolken 2017


The closest you can get to a barnstorming airshow in our region is the Volkel in de Wolken Airshow in a field at the edge of Volkel. On that Sunday morning, local people can walk from the church or the pub (depending on your main interests) straight to the airshow side just like they did in the roaring twenties and thirties. The participating pilots probably don’t fly their aircraft with a map and a compass like the early gypsies of the air did, but still they travel around Europe every weekend to show their skills and their aircraft. There are no foreign air forces, the Red Arrows haven’t been invited because they wouldn’t come. This is just a bunch of small airplanes and the spectators who come to watch it all. Two helicopters are giving rides. A lot of activity, including a market in the village, some re-enactment and a collection of old cars, keeps the...Read More

Recovery of Avro Lancaster NN775/A2-F, Royal Air Force, Glabbeek 



On March 5th, 1945 at 14.34 hrs the time stopped for the seven crewmembers of Avro Lancaster NN775/A2-F, RAF No 514 Squadron , F-Flight ....


Earlier that day they had taken off from RAF Waterbeach, near Cambridge, as part of a 170 bomber formation on a mission to Germany. Target was the benzol-factory 'Consolidation' at Gelsenkirchen. The outbound flight was uneventful, Belgium had already been liberated so the biggest part of the flight was over 'friendly' territory. Over target, NN775 was hit by enemy ground fire and tried to reach home... Read More