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Latest reports:

Spottingtrip Japan 2019: NEW REPORT




Back in April 2019, 2 members from Low Approach made a trip to Japan. Ludo already visited Japan a couple of times, but for Tim it was the first time to go to the land of the rising sun. During the 2,5 week trip they visited a couple of airfields.


On the first 2 days they visited Iruma Air Base and...read more

70th Anniversary Berlin Airlift – US Army Garrison Wiesbaden 


2019 marked the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy, which resulted in the announcement of a large scale commemoration in and around Caen with the presence of a large amount (50 were announced) of Douglas C-47 Dakotas.  Unfortunately this coincided with my annual trip to the Temps des Hélices Airshow at La Ferté-Alais.   Initially I was a bit gutted about this, but when I discovered that on the Monday after La Ferté the flying armada would...read more

Vyauto Aviacijos Muziejos, Panavezys-Istros, Lithuania 






In July 2019 I spend a week in Lithuania and Latvia in which I was able to visit a number of aviation museums. The smallest museum I visited was the Vyauto Aviacijos Muziejos located at Istros airfield near Panavezys...read more

Low Approach Spottingtrip 2019 UK: RAF Lakenheath 




Our annual spottingtrip with Low Approach Aviation Photography took us to the UK in 2019 from 19th May until 25th May.  Various bases and museums were planned to visit, first we planned to pay a visit at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, afterwards we were going to Lakenheath and Mildenhall and normally we also planned to go to Marham airbase...read more

Central museum of armed forces of the Russian federation 


On August 29th 2019, Alain, Levie and Tim visited the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in northern Moscow.

The museum displays the history and progress from the Soviet armed forces from the Russian Civil War (1917-1923) till the present day.

In this museum is a large collection of hardware that the Russians used throughout their military history. In this report we focus on the aviation side of the museum...read more

2020 Through the lens of the Low Approach members: Dirk Geuns




2020 what a strange year, just a few opportunities for spotting in this year, hardly any opportunities to practice our beautiful hobby together with other spotters in the way we love to do it. Covid-19 completely changed 2020 like we never imagined it. We were not allowed to leave the house for some time, the air shows were cancelled. Military exercises were either halted or were...read more 

2020 through the lens of the Low Approach members: Lien Lamberts






The first picture is from a F-16 that is taken while it lands at its homebase Kleine Brogel during a beautiful sunset. The picture is made in November...read more

2020 through the lens of the Low Approach members: Tim Van den Boer 






Due to the Coronavirus we couldn’t travel a lot, so I visited some places that I normally wouldn’t visit that quickly. One of those places is the GLV-5 in Eindhoven...read more

2020 through the lens of the Low Approach members: Levie Meykens 





Levie is the next to show us his selection from 2020. Levie visited some airfields in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and made his selection of 5 pictures from these countries...read more

2020 through the lens of the Low Approach members: Edwin Huskens 






Next in line is Edwin Huskens to show us his selection. His first picture is the Rafale M 3 from ETR.03.004, photographed during the landing at Saint Dizier on January 6...read more

2020 Through the lens of the Low Approach members: Andy Patzelt 





Our member Andy made his selection from a visit with three other members to Wittmund airbase. The main reason for the visit was to catch some A-Jets from Top Aces, unfortunately they did not move on the days we were there...read more

2020 Through the lens of the Low Approach members: Laurent Heyligen 



Deciding on a Top 5 for 2020 was not an easy task.  2020 has been a bizar spotting year for most of us, but with a bit of creativity I managed to make the best out of it.  No exciting trips, airshows or base visits, but one museum trip to Germany, a few quick hops to Nörvenich and a few new delivieres to the Royal Netherlands and Luxembourg Air Forces complete the list...read more

Beauvechain Air Base Day - 2019 



The first aviation event in Belgium was the Beauvechain Air Base (BAB) Day that was organized in the second week of April.  The intention was to offer the public the chance to see up close the equipment of the No 1 Wing both on the ground and in the air.  It was organized on a Wednesday to give students the chance the visit the event and hopefully convince them to choose for a military career in the Belgian Armed Forces...read more