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Latest reports:

Fly In Time: Sanicole / Zwartberg / Keiheuvel/ Zoersel / Kiewit NEW REPORT


If you live in the North-North East of Belgium, you can visit a lot of Fly Ins during the summer season that don’t need much traveling time. You can lunch at home on Saturday, drive to the Fly In, talk to some colleagues and friends, walk the flight line and take some photographs. You will be home again in time to light the barbecue for another summer evening diner in the garden. There is a chance that nobody of your family, except for the dog, has even noticed your absence...read more




From 23th of May until 6th of June the Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives Course (APROC) was held at Gilze-Rijen Air Base in The Netherlands. The main focus from this exercise is to practice the personnel recovery procedures when an allied member is downed or trapped in enemy territory.


Several international countries took part in the exercise. The requirement to take part in this exercise is that the country..read more

Spottingtrip Spain: Spotting at Malaga Airport NEW REPORT 


Early May 2018 part of the Low Approach team departed at 6.20 hrs from Charleroi Airport for our second spotting trip in Spain. 2 and a half hours later we arrived at Malaga airport in the sunny south of the country. After collecting our Luggage and picking up our rental car we had initially planned to make a quick visit at the museum located next to the airport, only to discover that it was closed on Sundays. Plan B was launched and we starting looking for a good spotting...read more

Basevisit Istrana Air Base: home of the Italian Air Force's 51º Stormo ( 51st Fighter Wing ) 20/06/2018 


On the 20th of June our member Dirk visited the 51st Fighter Wing of the Italian air Force in Istrana. During the visit he had the opportunity to photograph all the activity going on during the day.


Before going further with the report a little part about the history of the 51st Fighter Wing:...read more

27th Antwerp Stampe Fly In 2018 


Over the years Low Approach has reported several times on the larger aviation events in Europe, but for 2018 we decided to also have a closer look at a number of smaller events in Belgium. The first in this series is the Antwerp Stampe Fly In that had its 27th edition in May of this year.


This fly in is organized by the Stampe & Vertongen Museum that can be visited all year round at Antwerp Airport. As the fly in is focusing on getting as many Stampe & Vertongen aircraft gathered it's...read more

Spottingtrip Switzerland September Stans / Buochs  


The airfield in Buochs/Stans is the homebase of the Pilatus aircraft factory. Visiting this airfield can be a real hit or miss as you can capture various planes for interesting customers, but you can also go home with nothing. Luckily, if you keep a close eye on the timetable from the airport’s website, you can sometimes catch some nice movements.


And that’s what a couple of members from our team did on the 14th of September. During the week from the 10th...read more

Exercise Iniochos 2018, Greece 


On March 12 to 23, the Hellenic Air Force hosted a medium-sized multinational exercise named Iniochos at the base of 117 Combat Wing in Andravida, home of the Greek Phantoms.

In this exercise the HAF along with other six participating Air Forces took advantage of some of the most suitable and at the same time most challenging airspaces in Europe for conducting these large scale air operations, with a wide variety of air defence systems and a remarkable mix of modern aircraft and ordnance combined with...read more

Frisian Flag 2018, Leeuwarden Air Base, Netherlands 


Also this year Leeuwarden Air Base was hosting the annually held exercise Frisian Flag. From 9 April until 20 April around 60 aircraft were participating in this exercise. They flew two mission a day, one before noon and the other in the afternoon.



The missions flown during Frisian Flag include air defence missions, offensive (strike) missions, missions to protect other aircraft...read more

The Dassault Mirage F-1, the last five years of an iconic fighter operated by the Armée de l'Air. Part three: 2014. 




The last year of operational flying of the Mirage F-1 ER.02.033 Savoie didn't surprise us anymore when they announced to organize a second edition in a row of the Recce Meet during the spring of 2014. This time also about 200 spotters were welcomed on April 10 and after I got an invitation, tickets were immediately booked. For me...read more


Spottingtrip Spain, Basevisit Arma Aera de la Armada, Rota, Spain - 8th May 2018


In 2017 the Spanish Navy Airwing, the 'Arma Aerea de la Armada', celebrated its 100th Anniversary during a series of ceremonies held at Base Naval Rota in the South of Spain. So this is a nice occasion for us to have a look at the aircraft, helicopters and missions.


The Aviación Naval was created in 1917 by Royal Decree by the monarch Alfonso XIII. Later it was renamed Aeronautica Naval and has ...read more