2020 through the lens of the Low Approach members: Lien Lamberts


The first picture is from a F-16 that is taken while it lands at its homebase Kleine Brogel during a beautiful sunset. The picture is made in November.

It was the first time that I visited the GLV-5 in Eindhoven and it was a really unique experience. This Apache from the Royal Netherlands Air Force made a couple of low passes and one of those passes resulted in this picture.

The GLV is a low flying area close to Eindhoven Airport and it is certainly worth a visit, but note that it is a gamble as on some days flying activity can be nill. 

For my third picture I chose to share this Chinook from the Royal Netherlands Air Force, again taken at the GLV-5.

Since it was such an amazing experience at the GLV-5, I chose to share 2 pictures of my visit at the GLV-5 on the same day.

Here the crew from the CH-47D was practicing brown-out landings which created a little sandstorm.

Luckily there were some trees nearby where we could hide ourselves and our equipment from the flying grains of sand. 

This picture of a Belgian Air Force F-16 is made at Kleine Brogel in July. I chose this picture because I liked the composition and the position of the F-16 in it. As you can see this F-16 carries 2 different looking wing thanks. The left one is the standard grey one while the right one is painted in a tigerlike scheme. This particular wingtank was painted to match the 2016 31 “Tiger” Squadron special painted F-16. 

In September a small group of our team went for a couple of days on holiday to Germany. Our main goal was to capture the Alpha Jets from Top Aces at Wittmund. Sadly none were seen flying during our stay there. But we did see this A-400M that visited Wittmund on a couple of days.

Later this year the Belgian Air Force also received its first A-400M and that generated a lot of interest in our country. But as I didn’t had the chance to capture “our” A-400M yet, I chose to select this German Air Force Atlas to be included in my top 5 of 2020. 

Text & Photography: Lien Lamberts