Spotting Koksijde 


On the 18th of April Lien made another trip to Koksijde again in the hope to see some local helicopter action. In the afternoon she was lucky when Sea King RS02 took off for a training flight above the sea. But her main goal for this visit was to capture the helicopters during start-up and shut down during the night flights. So in the evening she returned to the Airbase and witnessed the start-up of NH90 RN-04, this was the last NH90 that was delivered to the Belgian Air Force on the 20th of March 2017. Besides the training flight from the RN-04 she also caught Sea King RS02 during the night flights training.

On the 19th of April Lien went back to Koksijde and upon arrival she already saw that Alouette III M2 was performing a cargo sling exercise. In the afternoon Sea King RS02 took off for a single engine training sortie above the sea and in the evening she caught the same Sea King again during the night flying training.

Text & Photography: Lien Lamberts