Special Tails Photoshoot Kleine Brogel AFB


On the 2nd of August the PR 10W TAC from Kleine Brogel AFB organized a small photoshoot of the four special painted F-16’s that are currently based at Kleine Brogel. Unfortunately, the weather was not that good on this day, so we had to improvise to make some nice pictures.

The first in the row is the F-16 from the Belgian Demo Team in the hands of Tom “Gizmo” De Moortel who is in his last months as Belgian Demo pilot. Every three years another pilot will be chosen to represent the Belgian Air Force to the public at airshows and events. The FA-123 “Blizzard” special paint is designed and painted by Johan Wolfs, Peter Verheyen and the KB Paintshop.

The second was the FB-24 “Semper Vulture” designed by Peter Scheelen and painted by the KB Paintshop. This F-16BM received his special paint to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the OCU (Operational Conversion Unit). The OCU was activated at Beauvechain AB in 1987 and in 1996 the squadron was relocated to the 10th Wing at Kleine Brogel AB. This Squadron is responsible for the conversion to the Lockheed-Martin F16 Fighting Falcon of pilots who have successfully completed the "Initial Operational Training" on the Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet at Cazaux in the South of France, and also organizes the retraining of pilots from other aircraft types to F-16.

The third F-16AM FA-70 “Razzle Dazzle” is the anniversary bird of the 349SQN. This F-16 received the special paint for the occasion of 349 Squadrons 75th anniversary. The design and paintwork has been done by Peter Verheyen and Johan Wolfs with the cooperation of the 10W Paintshop. 349SQN was formed in 1942 as RAF No 349 Squadron of the Royal Air Force, in 1946 it was transferred to the Belgian Air Force.

The last and fourth F-16AM was the special painted Tiger of 31 Squadron. Like every year there is one F16 receiving a Tiger paint to participate in the NATO Tigermeet, this year organized at BA Landivisiau in France. This paint is designed by “Vrieske” the Commanding Officer from the SQN and painted by the KB Paintshop.

Low Approach wants to thanks the Public Relations Department from Kleine Brogel for organizing the photoshoot. Hopefully more of these photoshoots will be organized in the near future. See you soon at the Spottersday in Kleine Brogel.


Tekst: Dirk Geuns

Photo’s: Dirk Geuns, Ludo Kloek, Andy Patzelt