2020 Through the lens of the Low Approach members: Dirk Geuns



2020 what a strange year, just a few opportunities for spotting in this year, hardly any opportunities to practice our beautiful hobby together with other spotters in the way we love to do it. Covid-19 completely changed 2020 like we never imagined it. We were not allowed to leave the house for some time, the air shows were cancelled. Military exercises were either halted or were no longer allowed to take place.


But 2020 also gave us other things in return, we spent more time at home with our own family. Sometimes this was a bit more difficult for some, but often it also gave a lot of quality time in our own family.


Still, I tried to take some nice photos with the possibilities we had during the Covid year 2020. To start with my selection, I am lucky enough to live in the landing of Kleine-Brogel Airbase and that gave me some nice opportunities. Here you see a Belgian Air Force C-130H banking to land at Kleine-Brogel.

On another day, I decided to take a look in the Netherlands, more specifically at the GLV-V in Eindhoven. I was lucky enough to see something nice there like this Dutch Air Force Boeing CH-47D Chinook that created a wall of sand.

Another photo from the backyard of my house is this approach of the Belgian Air Force F-16AM and F16BM after they had a photo flight because of the special painted F-16AM in honor of 45 years of the F-16 multinational fighter program.

At the end of June 2020, I was on holiday at the Belgian sea, during the holiday an event took place at Koksijde airbase in honor of the last formation flight with 3 Alouette 3 helicopters of the Belgian Air Force.

The last picture I want to show is another backyard picture, also this time a Belgian Air Force F-16AM banking to Kleine-Brogel Airbase.

To conclude my overview of 2020, I wish you again in 2021 much more freedom, good health and more opportunities in the field of spotting and, above all, a lot of fun together.


Text & photography: Dirk Geuns