Civil Spotting at Malaga Airport


Early May 2018 part of the Low Approach team departed at 6.20 hrs from Charleroi Airport for our second spotting trip in Spain. 2 and a half hours later we arrived at Malaga airport in the sunny south of the country. After collecting our Luggage and picking up our rental car we had initially planned to make a quick visit at the museum located next to the airport, only to discover that it was closed on Sundays. Plan B was launched and we starting looking for a good spotting location at the airport itself. After a bit of searching we discovered a nice spot in between the Runways 12 and 13. Runway 12 was in use for the arrivals resulting in some nice shots with the mountains surrounding Malaga in the background.


Our spot next to Runway 13 gave us the possibility to make some nice taxi shots and off course the take-offs. Malaga is mainly used by the many charter companies who shuttle tourist to and from the holiday resorts along the Spanish coast. In addition we also saw a nice collection of bizjets from various countries who brought the more fortunate visitors of this part of Spain.


After a couple of hours we called it a day and departed Malaga towards our hotel in Seville, which would be our 'homebase' for the rest of week, although unplanned these first few hours of spotting at Malaga were a nice start of our trip.

Text: Levie Meykens

Photography: Levie Meykens and Laurent Heyligen