A couple of months ago we published the report of the warming up photocall that you will find here link.


Now in this report we are focusing on the main event organized by Kleine-Brogel Airbase in 2005. The spottersday held on 20th July 2005 was held in combination with an COMAO Exercise so many nations and aircrafts did participate for that exercise. The purpose of such an exercise is to improve and train tactical co-operation and skills in a multinational environment. After departing Kleine-Brogel, the aircraft flew to a reserved air space in the north of Germany and the south of Belgium.


The French Air Force sended the largest delegation to Kleine-Brogel not less than six Mirage 2000’s in all different types and two Mirage F1CR were attending. Beside these mirages the FAF sended two EMB-312F’s and two Alpha Jets. The French Navy was also present with some nice airplanes at Kleine-Brogel: four Super Etendards and two Rafale M’s.

Another very welcome participant was the Hellenic Air Force, they sent two A-7 Corsairs from 335 Mira, also a nice delegation from East Europe could be seen on this spottersday, the Polish Air Force sended a Sukhoi Su-22M3-K which was wearing a very nice tiger scheme and a Casa C-295. The Romanian Air Force attended with four Mig-21 Lancers and an AN-26.

The Royal Air Force was a particularly interesting participant: two Hawk T1’s, a Sepecat Jaguar GR3A and a Canberra visited Kleine-Brogel for this day. With the Canberra so close to retirement it was probably one of the last public appearances.

We also want to mention the presence of the German Air Force and the Netherlands Air Force, the Germans sent seven Tornado’s and the Netherlands an AH-64D Apache and a Cougar. The Swiss Air Force attended this day with three F-18 Hornets, the Danish Air Force from his side participated with F-16's and the Czech Air Force with L-159 Alca's.

Beside all these international participants also the Belgian Air Force could be seen in action during the day, we saw 28 different F-16’s, two CM-170 Fouga’s, two C-130’s and a lot more others, an overview trough the pictures below.

We, as Low Approach, are hoping that in the near future an exercise with so much participants can be organized again at Kleine-Brogel. Meanwhile, we keep this very pleasant day in our memories.


Tekst: Dirk Geuns

Photopraphy: Dirk Geuns, Laurent Heyligen