2020 through the lens of the Low Approach members: Tim Van den Boer


Due to the Coronavirus we couldn’t travel a lot, so I visited some places that I normally wouldn’t visit that quickly. One of those places is the GLV-5 in Eindhoven. At my first visit on the 24th of June I was lucky that CH-47D D-664 came to the GLV for some brown-out landings.

Another visit at the GLV, this time on the 20th of July, I was very lucky to photograph AH-64DN Q-09. A couple of weeks later this Apache was dismantled at Woensdrecht for its transfer flight to the US where it will be rebuilt/upgraded to an AH-64E.

Probably THE event of the year for many aviation enthusiasts was the historic visit from the Israelis to Nörvenich. I drove a couple of times to Nörvenich to capture this historic event as much as possible. This picture of the taxiing IAF F-16’s was made on the 24th of August. 

On the 17th of September an event took place at Kleine Brogel. It was the change of command from the head of the Belgian Air Force. On the base a ceremony was held and a part of the ceremony was a fly-by from various aircraft. One of these fly-by’s was done with the recently delivered A-330MRTT at Eindhoven, accompanied by F-16’s from the 2nd Wing from Florennes.  

To end my selection, a shot from the “local” airbase, Kleine Brogel.

I photographed this F-16AM, decorated with invasion stripes for the 75th anniversary of D-day in 2019, during a beautiful sunset on the 20th of November. 

Text & Photography: Tim Van den Boer