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Latest reports:

Le Centenaire de Base aérienne 705 Tours, 2015 NEW REPORT


The first time I visited BA705 Tours during an airshow was back in 1991 when desert Bucccaneers, Mystére IV and Mirage III’s were roaring in the skies at this base situated in the middle of France. In June 2015 expectations were not so high, but the show at the renamed base Tours ‘Val de Loire’ that celebrated the 100th Anniversary (Centenaire) was the best of the three organized Meetings de l’Air from that year. Attending the spottersday on Friday and the showday on Saturday I could enjoy a nice mix from several interesting warbirds, classic wings, trainers, helicopters and fighters. Highlights on these sunny days were two EF2000’s from the Royal Saudi Air Force, supported by a BAE Systems BAe146, that fuel stopped on a delivery flight from the facility at Warton to the Middle East. It was rare to see them make publicity during the weekend in the country ...Read More

‘Burenkijkdag’ Kleine Brogel 2016 NEW REPORT


A few weeks ago Kleine Brogel airbase opened its doors for the neighbors. Purpose of this event was to give a behind the doors look to the inhabitants of the villages that surround the airbase. For many the role and tasks of the military remained a bit of a mystery and with this event the people were given the opportunity to fill this gap. By explaining the role and tasks, and expecially the amount of training involved to perform this role in a safe manner, the airbase hopes to create some understanding with their neighbors who in cases complain with regards to the noise levels from the aircraft.


September 11th was not chosen at random as this was also the day that there was...Read More

Belgian Air Force Days Florennes AFB 2016


Since 2014 the Belgian Air Force organizes an airshow every 2 years. In 2014 the airshow was held at Kleine Brogel air base. In 2016 the other main F-16 operating base in Belgium was in turn to organize the airshow. This base is located in the south of Belgium, it’s the 2nd Tactical Wing based at Florennes. At this base, 2 squadrons are located, 1st squadron “Stingers” and 350th squadron “Matrix”.


So during the last week of June a lot of aviation enthusiasts travelled of to the Province of Namur to witness the Belgian Air Force Days 2016 (BAFD2016). And so did a couple of members from Low Approach. We, from Low Approach, attended the spottersday during arrivals and ... Read More

Spottersday Kleine-Brogel AFB 2005


A couple of months ago we published the report of the warming up photocall that you will find here link.


Now in this report we are focusing on the main event organized by Kleine-Brogel Airbase in 2005. The spottersday held on 20th July 2005 was held in combination with an COMAO Exercise so many nations and aircrafts did participate for that exercise. The purpose of such an exercise is to improve and train tactical co-operation and skills in a multinational environment. After departing Kleine-Brogel, the aircraft flew to a reserved air space in the north of Germany and the south of Belgium...Read More

Alpnach AFB & Buochs Airport 2016


The last report of our trip to Switzerland is about our visits to the airfields of Alpnach and Buochs-Stans. During the week we traveled to Alpnach one time to see what happened over there. Alpnach Air Base is a Swiss Air Force airfield near the town Alpnach in Canton of Obwalden. Alpnach is the main logistical base of the helicopter of the Swiss Air Force. Standard helicopter types used at Air Base Alpnach are the Aérospatiale Super Puma, Eurocopter AS532UL Cougar Mk1 and Eurocopter EC-635. The RUAG Switzerland AG operates on the airfield a location for the maintenance of civil and military helicopters.


During our short visit to Alpnach (2 hours) we have seen some activity from all based... Read More


Temps des Hélices, La Ferté-Alais 2016



In the 3rd weekend of May the Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis organized its annual Temps des Hélices airshow at the airfield of La Ferté-Alais, just south of Paris. This airshow is composed mainly by French owned and operated vintage aircraft, of which many are based at La Ferté.


This year the weather conditions were not very favorable. On the Saturday, the day I attended, it remained cloudy for most of the day with only a few short spells of sunshine late in the afternoon.


The show started on a sad note. Since the last edition, Léon Mathis, one of the pillars... Read More


Airpower Zeltweg AFB 2013



In the first weekend of September 2016 the Austrian Air Force will be organizing Air Power 16 at Zeltweg airbase near Graz. As this event is not organized on an annual basis we thought it might be interesting to look back at the previous edition which was organized in 2013.


As the name of the event indicates it is all about a show off of the military air power of Austria and some of its allies. A main element in the flying display is the demonstration of the various tasks performed by the Austrian air force. The principle fighter aircraft currently in service is the Eurofighter Typhoon. As these are based at Zeltweg it was no surprise that we saw... Read More


Luchtmachtdagen Leeuwarden AFB 2016


On the 10th and 11th of June the “Luchtmachtdagen/Open Dagen” or in English “Air Force Days/Open days” were held at Leeuwarden Air Base. For many spotters this airshow will last in their memories because at this show the Lockheed Martin F-35A made its international debut on the airshow scene. This was also the main reason why a couple of members from Low Approach went to the show. Andy and Tim attended the show on both days and Laurent joined them on the second day.


On Friday the day started with scattered clouds allowing the sun to come through from time to time. This gave some pilots the chance to fly their medium/high show. Sadly before noon the clouds took over so the displays mostly consisted out of the flat shows...Read More


Roll-out "Spirit of Oswald Boelcke" 31 Tactical Wing Boelcke, Nörvenich AFB 2016


The 31st Tactical Wing Boelcke in Nörvenich revealed their special painted EF2000 Typhoon, celebrating 125 years of Oswald Boelcke. Low Approach attended this special organised event.


Nörvenich Air Base (Fliegerhorst Nörvenich) is the home of Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 31 "Boelcke". The squadron flies the Eurofighter Typhoon. The first four Eurofighters arrived at Nörvenich on 16 December 2009 and with the departure of the last Tornados on 25 June 2010 JaBoG 31 became the Luftwaffes first operational Eurofighter wing.


Before the pictures first a little history why this special paint is made. Read More

Emmen AFB 2016 


During our spotting trip from April 2016 the Low Approach team also spend two days at Militärflugplatz Emmen. Emmen is located near Lüzern in Central Switzerland and can easily be combined with visits to Alpnach, Stans-Buochs and Meiringen. Of all the locations we visited we can easily say that Emmen has the most diverse aircraft on offer, and this combined with some interesting visitors makes it a ideal spot for spotters who want to catch several Swiss military aircraft types in a short period.


Best known unit based at Emmen is off course the Patrouille de Suisse demonstration team, equipped with the Northrop F5E Tiger II. The red and white F5s are a common sight dur ... Read More