January 2017



On the 17th of January, Tim went to Kleine Brogel in the afternoon. Around 15h00 the sound of F-16’s that were taking off could be heard and also from other ones that were starting up. Tim drove to the spottersplace at runway 23 in the hope to catch some banking F-16’s when they returned. But as time passed by and the sun was slowly descending and no F-16’s could be heard or seen returning he decided to drive to the spottersplace at runway 05. Just as he arrived at the spottersplace the first pair of F-16’s were returning. Luckily a total of 10 F-16’s had taken off in the afternoon and Tim managed to make a couple of shots from the returning F-16’s during a beautiful sunset.


Text & Photography: Tim van den Boer

Februari 2017




Living in the approach of runway 23 is a nice extra if you’re a spotter. The bigger planes like the E-3A AWACS are easy to photograph and when lucky the F-16’s that are turning in on final could also be at the right place for me to photograph. The pictures below were taken on the 2nd of February in my garden, the only visitor was the AWACS and there was also a formation of 4 F-16’s.


Text & photography: Dirk Geuns

On the 3rd of February I heard two C-130 Hercules doing approaches and took my camera and waited. Two times they turned on a very nice way for pictures. For the rest of the day not much could be seen except a couple of F-16.


Text & photography: Dirk Geuns

March 2017



After the very grey and rainy weather from the last couple of weeks it was really nice to wake up with the sound of F-16’s that were taking off and after opening the curtains to see a clear blue sky. So the decision was made very quickly to pay a visit at our local airbase after not been able to go there for way too long. I’ve seen on pictures from other people that, since a couple of days, the pilots are performing training flights with the new AIM-9X missiles, or the training version at least. I really hoped that I was also lucky enough to catch a couple of F-16’s with this weapon lay-out and surely I wasn’t disappointed. Because it was Friday I wasn’t expecting a lot of flying activity anymore, but when I went back home at the end of the day I was very surprised to have seen 17 flights during my stay at Kleine Brogel and actually there were even more because I missed the first wave in the morning when they returned.


Text & photography: Tim van den Boer



On the 14th Tim paid another visit at Kleine Brogel. The day started really slow, before noon there were only 5 F-16’s that took off. While these were flying their training missions we had a visit from 1 SF-260 and a C-130 which both practiced some approaches. Luckily in the afternoon it got busier. We had some other visiting aircraft, but the ones that were really nice to see were the 2 Belgian Alpha Jets that made an approach. These training aircraft sadly won’t be flying around for that much longer as from 2018 the new future fighter pilots will continue their training in the US after they have finished their education on SF-260. Besides the Alpha Jets another SF-260 visited the field and shortly after this little yellow plane a F-16 from Florennes made an approach to runway 23. A last visitor was again the C-130 that made some approaches in the morning. After the Hercules made its last approach the local F-16’s started to return. Below you can find a small summary from what could be seen at Kleine Brogel on the 14th of March.


Text & Photography: Tim Van den Boer


While working a little bit in the garden I saw some F-16’s in the approach of Kleine-Brogel and took my camera. When they came closer I saw that one of them was the new special painted F-16 from 349SQN. This F-16 is the FA-70 named “Razzle Dazzle” and painted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of 349SQN. After some touch and go’s it turned nicely in front of me. I photographed that day also two other F-16’s during landing.


Tekst & Photography: Dirk Geuns



On the last day of March I photographed again some Belgian Air Force F-16’s from my garden when banking nicely before landing at Kleine-Brogel AFB.


Photography: Dirk Geuns

April 2017


For the Belgian Air Force F-16 Solo Display Team the month April means a lot of training and on three different days (19th, 20th and 24th) Dirk went to

Kleine-Brogel to see “Gizmo” perform his demo. Below you find a selection from these three days.


Text & Photography: Dirk Geuns



On the 28th of April, all the Belgian Air Force’s demo teams came over to Kleine Brogel. Each demo team had to perform their display in front of a “jury” in order to get PDA (Public Display Authorization). The 3 demo teams, these were the F-16 Solo display, the A-109 display team and the Red Devils, performed their routine and they all received their PDA for the 2017 airshow season. We from Low Approach want to wish all of them a nice and save display season.


Text and Photography: Dirk Geuns