June 2016


On the 8th I went to Kleine-Brogel for a couple of hours. When I arrived it was clear that runway 5 was in use, but I decided to stay on the 23 spot for take off shots. The first movements i saw, was the take off from 2 Belgian F-16's followed by another single F-16 for an testflight. After their mission these did some touch and go's and landed afterwards. A little wait later another 3 F-16's went airborne. The hightlight of the day were made by the arrival and the departures from two C-130E's operated by the Turkish Air Force and based at Erkelit AFB. After the departure of the second C-130 I went back home.                                   Text & Photography: Dirk Geuns

July 2016


On the 21st we went like every year with a couple of members to Kleine-Brogel to see the arrivals and departures from the airplanes to perform a flypast in Brussels to celebrate the Belgian National Day. First we saw the departure of 10 F-16's and when these where on their way to Brussels, the Belgian F-16 Demo in hands of "Gizmo" did his demo for family and colleagues present at the base. After the landing from "Gizmo" it was time for the recovery from the F-16's, when all aircraft were safely on the ground it was time for us to go home.

Text: Dirk Geuns / Photography: Dirk Geuns & Tim Van den Boer

August 2016


On the 8th I went to Kleine-Brogel in the afternoon. During my stay from 3 hours I noticed 6 local F-16's and a C-130 from Melsbroek. All F-16's made some low approaches and touch and goes before coming in to land. The C-130 has made 5 touch and goes before going back to Brussels, Furthermore there is not much to tell, so here are the pictures from this afternoon.

Text and Photography: Dirk Geuns

On the 24th I spent half a day at Kleine Brogel. When I arrived a couple of F-16’s where already taking off. Shortly after these where airborne the Belgian F-16 demo pilot took off to practice his demo routine. With the beautiful weather this resulted in some very nice pictures. After the demopilot had landed the planes that took off before him slowly came back. Then it was pretty quiet for quite a while and just when I planned to go back home the noise from F-16’s starting up could be heard. By the time the F-16’s where at the runway, the active runway had changed to runway 05L. So I decided to go to the head from runway 23 in the hope that some F-16’s did some touch and goes or low approaches when they returned from their mission. I was quite lucky that 2 F-16’s performed a touch and go and banked nicely at the right time. After these F-16’s landed it went quiet again and the runway lights were turned off which indicated that the flying was done for today.

Text & Photography: Tim Van den Boer

October 2016


On the 14th I visited Kleine-Brogel again because six Polish Air Force F-16's were expected which should participate in an exercise held in Kleine-Brogel and in Volkel in the Netherlands at the same time. The weather was not so good as I had hoped, anyway I made the best of it. When I arrived already some locals F-16's were landing from their morning mission, after the arrival of these three airplanes it was time for the first two Polish vipers to arrive in Kleine-Brogel. When all the six Polish were landed, I went home again.

Text & Photography: Dirk Geuns