July 2016


In the morning of 7 July we drove to the airfield De Keiheuvel in Balen because we had heard that a Belgian Sea King MK.48 helicopter would land there. When we arrived over there we soon saw a little spot high in the sky and heard the distinctive sound of a Sea King helicopter. Not long after, the Sea King finally landed at De Keiheuvel. When the crew of the Sea King had done all their after landing checks and walked towards the restaurant we asked them if it would be possible to take some close-up photos of this big helicopter and they were so polite to allow us to take them. The crew also told us that they made a navigation flight across the Flanders and had made an approach at Deurne Airport and Kleine Brogel airbase before landing at De Keiheuvel.

Text & Photography: Tim Van den Boer, Lien Lamberts